Does your School, College or Academy need to attract new students?

In today’s commercial world, attracting additional students is a top priority. With the expense of facilities and teaching staff already in place, the extra revenue from just one extra student per year can make a difference.

Presentational Excellence for Education

Increasingly, parents are allowing their children to have a greater say in where they are educated and as such, prospectus’ and similar promotional materials need to attract and inspire young people to choose your establishment.

We work with many schools, colleges and academies across the midlands – producing stylish, modern propsectus’ that highlight the best your establishment has to offer which in turn increases student enrolment.

Our services cover all facets including:

copy writing


As a design and print company with more than 30 years in business, we have a reputation for delivering on time and on budget.

If you are looking to review your propsectus this year, please do get in touch. The earlier we can discuss what you need, the more options are open to you.